Operating system: Ubuntu, Windows or Mac

Python: 2.7 or 3.2

Modules: Tkinter* (which is builtin under Windows)

*Tkinter is a builtin module in Python for Windows. In Ubuntu, you can install the needed package via this command:

$ sudo apt-get install python-tk



It has been my intention to reduce the number of dependencies for pytddmon as much as possible. The reason for this is partly out of the fact that pytddmon is a quite small application – it doesn’t do much more than show a color, run & count tests – but also because I have a thing for minimalism.

From the start, pytddmon was a prototype written using pygame and nosetests. pygame includes a whole plethora of libraries, so that was the first to go – I switched to Tkinter instead. nosetests was a little harder decision, since it does it’s thing nicely. Then I decided that pytddmon really is more of a play-tool, doing katas and such, so I simplified the test-finding & running model a lot. That’s why pytddmon only scans the current folder, and not subfolders*.

* actually, this is not really true anymore. Recursive folder scanning has been part of pytddmon since summer 2011. So while I still regard it primarily as a kata tool, it is not completely ”just for play” anymore.

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