I put together the first prototype of pytddmon autumn 2009.

GUI '09

It was a real quick-hack. I threw together nosetests and pygame, and the result was a tiny square window which only featured a color, nothing else.

The use of pygame for the GUI is like bringing a kitchen because you want a coffe-machine, since pygame includes image-loading & display, sound & music loading & playback, collission detection and more (it’s meant for 2d games development).

"I want coffee! So I'll bring my kitchen" :)

Anyway, the reason for this blogpost is to give credit to one of the first contributors to pytddmon: Fredrik Wendt. He helped me switch from pygame to Tkinter in the breaks inbetween seminars of the FSCONS2009.

Thanks for coercing me to do the inevitable and drop the kitchen, Fredrik!

2 comments to “A little pytddmon history”

  1. Fredrik Wendt skriver:

    And we did it without any coffee (obviously, now that the kitchen’s gone)!

  2. objarni skriver:

    The only thing that’s left is the coffee machine :)

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