I hacked away tonight, trying to make pyTDDmon support both Python 2 and 3 – at the same time. The last point is important, because I want pyTDDmon to stay a single-file distribution. I would say it worked better than I had expected.

Some of the changes I had to make includes:

1. ”import Tkinter” becomes ”import tkinter” in Python 3

2. def set_result(self, (green, total)) is not valid in Python 3. No support for ”tuple splitting”! Simple change: def set_result(self, green, total).

(don’t ask me why I used the tuple in the arguments of set_result. I have no good answer!)

3. All icon related code was commented out. It was not used anyway, and caused a hazard of encoding-problems (differences between Python 2 and 3 strings..)

I tested it with the following operating systems and Python versions:

– Windows + Python 2.7

– Windows + Python 3.2

– Ubuntu10.10 + Python 2.6

– Ubuntu10.10 + Python 2.7

– Ubuntu10.10 + Python 3.1

You can try this experimental version of pyTDDmon by downloading the development version of pyTDDmon.py. I am not daring enough to publish it as the stable version yet 😉



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