After consulting with Carlos Ble (on the mailing list), I’ve decided to strip some clutter from the main window of pyTDDmon.

The image shows pyTDDmon’s main window before (to the left) and after (to the right) in Windows.

As you can see, the window lacks maximize/minimize buttons, and the Tkinter-icon (which I found quite, hrm, kitsch) is gone too.

Also, instead of writing lots of different text messages depending on the number of tests that passes/fails, I simply type the number of passing tests (left number) divided by the total number of tests (right number).

Some more small improvements:

  • The window is clickable, thus should feel like a button, more or less. So I added a raised border around it, making it look more clickable!
  • The Details window, displayed when clicking pyTDDmon, appeared below pyTDDmon. A bug now removed.
  • There was a graphical artifact near the right border of the main window, seen in the image above. Fixed.

Update: (where pyTDDmon’s source is hosted) has some file-caching mechanism, so the download-file didn’t update. I didn’t like that, so I’ve moved the primary download location to this server instead.

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3 comments to “Back to minimalism”

  1. Carlos Ble skriver:

    Very cool Olof! Thanks for your effort.
    I miss a link in the right menu of this site, pointing to the blog ( Although the big title leads to it, it does not look a link.

    I’ll try the new version soon 😉

  2. objarni skriver:


    And I’ll add a link, thanks for the feedback.

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