Some weeks ago, I got a message on bitbucket telling me KrunoSaho requested me to pull some changes into pyTDDmon.

I got really curious and cloned his fork ”Always on top”, and, just as the name implies, it forces the pyTDDmon window to stay on top of other windows. This is the essential line of code:

root.wm_attributes("-topmost", 1)

But – what a difference a row made!

This neat feature was only semi-available previously via the ”Always on top”-checkbox found in every Ubuntu-window*. I used to tick that box every time I booted pyTDDmon on Ubuntu. Annoying.

And such a checkbox is not even available on Windows, which made pyTDDmon really uncomfortable to use in that OS. I’m not sure how Mac OSX worked in this regard – but anyway, now pyTDDmon behaves like this out-of-the-box, as it should do.

So I want to say ”Thank you” to KrunoSaho, and mention that this fork was one of the reasons I realized pyTDDmon needed it’s own home on the internet.

BTW – stories like this is one of the reasons I love open source software!

* I guess it’s really a GNOME feature, but anyway.

2 comments to “Lots of bang for the buck!”

  1. Kruno skriver:

    It is nice to see this app take off. I really hope it continues to evolve. It is very quick and takes up next to no real estate, which is nice for single monitor users, and those who do not want kludge taking over their desktop.

  2. objarni skriver:

    Thanks Kruno! You’re welcome to the mailing list at any time if you have some more ideas on how to improve pytddmon.

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